University of Wisconsin–Madison

About the Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar supports the teaching and learning mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison by providing essential enrollment, curricular, and student record services to the campus community.

We are part of the Division of Enrollment Management, which includes the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, the Office of Student Financial Aid, and the Office of the Student Information System.

Our staff is organized into four specialized teams.

Student Services

Beth Warner, associate registrar
Suzanne Broadberry, assistant registrar
Recording and accessing information on the student record from the time a student applies for admission to after graduation. This can include residence for tuition determination, course enrollment, academic and demographic updates to the student record, transcript production, enrollment and degree verification, and diploma services.

Curricular and Academic Management Services

Will Lipske, associate registrar
Connie Chapman, assistant registrar
(“CAMS”) Course catalog management; requisite creation and enforcement; Schedule of Classes oversight, support, and auditing; course and instructor data maintenance; classroom assignments administration and support; academic course planning; enrollment controls coordination and outreach; Lumen and MARC implementation and management; degree audit system encoding, coordination, and support; and coordination for campus undergraduate certificate programs.

Administration, Reporting, and Eligibility Services

Jeff Armstrong, interim assistant registrar
(“ARES”) Student record data requests; student data reporting and outreach; determines and certifies athletic eligibility and veterans’ benefit eligibility; administrative oversight for the Office of the Registrar; and finance, human resources, communications, and operational support.

Application Development and Technical Services

Phil Hull, associate registrar
(“ADTS”) Manages overall infrastructure setup and maintenance of Office of the Registrar data systems, including SIS set-up and processes, project management, identity and access management, enterprise data management and security, desktop support, and network services.

Scott Owczarek, registrar in the Division of Enrollment Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Scott Owczarek
University Registrar
since 2011
Steve Hahn, Vice Provost for the Division of Enrollment Management
Steve Hahn
Vice Provost
Division of Enrollment Management



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Maintain the integrity of all core functions;

Develop staff, both professional and student, to progress in their desired career that leads to an enjoyable, productive, and stimulating workplace;

Collaborate and engage with the campus community to ensure we efficiently and effectively meet the needs of faculty, staff and students;

Continuously support the teaching and learning mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison and embrace the Wisconsin Idea; and

Become a national model known for creativity, innovation, and services which places us at the forefront of our profession.