Curricular Contacts

Office of the Registrar Team

wdt_ID Curricular Services Staff Member Curricular Program Areas Phone Email School/College/Department
1 Jeff Armstrong Assistant Registrar for Curricular Services 262-0999
2 Chuck Dvorak 25LivePro Administration; Classroom Scheduling; Textbooks 265-3326 Law;
L&S (Econ-Lit Trans);
Medicine & Public Health;
Veterinary Medicine
3 Brittany Elandt Final Exams; Curricular-Build Management 262-2514 Business;
Human Ecology;
L&S (Math-Relig St)
4 Kate Kurek Campus Outreach 263-1949 Ag & Life Sciences;
Air, Military & Naval Science;
Environmental Studies
5 Sherran Pak Instructor Database; Section-Level Requisites 262-4411 Engineering;
L&S (Scand St-Zoology)
6 Erynn Zweifel Special Event Scheduling; Sections Combined 262-9683 Education;
L&S (African-Comp Sci)

Curricular Representative Contacts

Departments and programs can send updates and corrections to Kate Kurek at, Office of the Registrar. For long descriptions of subject names, reference the Subject Listings page.