Eligibility for Graduation

Coursework completed after your last term

In order to earn a degree in a particular term, all work for the degree must be completed by that term’s conferral date.

Example: A student who expects to graduate in Spring 2022 receives a grade of Incomplete for a Spring 2022 class that is required for their degree. That student completes and submits the required work during the summer. The student is now eligible to receive their degree, which will be posted and dated with the degree conferral date for Summer 2022, not Spring.

Completed degree but not yet graduated

If you are an undergraduate student who has completed all requirements and coursework for your degree(s), and you did not apply to graduate (basically, if you are still enrolling in classes even after you have completed your degree requirements), your school/college is able to award your degree(s) and graduate you retroactively back to the appropriate graduation date.

UW–Madison does this to keep classes available for students who are still working toward their degree, and to help students meet deadlines for financial aid and state/federal benefits.

If it is your intention to pursue a second undergraduate degree and have not declared this, please consult with your advisor. Undergraduate students who have completed their degree and graduate, and want to return to earn another undergraduate degree, should read about re-entry for a second degree.