Conferred Degree Reports

Degrees by gender, degree-level, and diversity reports

These reports show degrees conferred in the past 5 years. There are four reports in this workbook. Two reports show total degree counts broken down by either academic year or term. The other two include major counts which may be higher than degree counts because students can have multiple majors; these reports include additional majors. The tabs at the top of the workbook allow selection between these reports.

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How do I navigate this workbook?

Tableau navigation tips are available by clicking the “?” icon in the upper right corner of each report.
Some specific tips for this report:

  1. Click a tab at the top of the workbook to select the report you wish to view.
  2. Select filters on the left side of the report or select individual data cells in the table to filter the trend graph based on the population in the selected cell. 
  3. Click the Revert button at top left to reset filters and workbook to the original state. 

What is the source of the data?

These data are pulled from Infoaccess. The specific Infoaccess views used are:






When will this data be refreshed?

Data will be updated nightly

When will the new academic year be added to those reports?

The academic year, for the purposes of these reports, runs from Summer to Spring. New academic years will be added after degrees are posted for the spring term to most accurately display trend data year to year.