Getting Started

DARS Logon:
Log on to DARS Web to request and review reports.

DARS Authorization Form:
To start using DARS, complete the authorization form and follow the instructions for submission.


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I've submitted my request, why aren't the audits populated?

What processing option did you choose?: Overnight processing will populate the audits the next morning. If you chose the Upon Release of Administrator processing option, you will need to contact your DARS administrator. You can monitor the status of your request on the Recent Requests Summary page, and it does take a few moments to run the batch.

Why are just a few of the audits I requested on the view audits page?

Batch will only process the audits from the school/college or degree plan you have specified. If there are students that are not included in those categories, they will not be included in the batch run.

How do I access queried data from the Analysis tables?

The majority of users will not have the Output to Analysis Tables option available on their Request page. These users will need to contact the DARS administrator with a data request to access the information.

I just want to know which of my students have completed their requirements. Can DARS Batch do that for me?

The View Audits page has an extra column called “All Reqs Met”. Keep in mind that this will only indicate whether a student has completed the requirements for the school/college or degree plan you specified in the Request page. If the student has an additional major or certificate, they will need a DARS run for those programs as well to check for full completion status.