Course Search & Enroll

My Courses

The My Courses tab keeps your lists of selected and saved courses, and is where you will enroll, drop, or swap courses.

Cart (courses list)

As you add courses to your Cart (from the Search tab), the campus’s enrollment system checks that you are eligible to take these courses.

Schedule (add all courses)

Before you enroll, you can use the Scheduler to compare different weekly schedules of sections in your Cart courses. You can also add in blocks of time (“breaks”) during which you don’t want any courses planned, reserving time for a job, student clubs, sports activities, etc.


The Scheduler tool in Course Search & Enroll shows weekly calendar layouts of the classes from your cart. You can view different combinations of sections to find the time-slots that work best, and set up blocks to avoid scheduling classes at certain times.


This is an accordion element with a series of buttons that open and close related content panels.

What does "Save Schedule" mean?

The “Save Schedule” button in the upper right corner pushes the selected days/times for the displayed weekly grid back to your cart.

When you have found the combination that you want to enroll in, select “Save Schedule.” Course Search & Enroll will show you any options that can be selected for these classes (like getting on a wait list for full classes, or taking a class for Honors).

Scheduler does not allow you to “bookmark” different combinations. If you want to make note of different combinations for later consideration, write down the class days/times or print the schedule. However, if any of your classes fills up, that combination may not be available later.

Degree Planner

The Degree Planner is a tool for students to do just that, plan their degree. This tool helps students structure and plan their courses during their time at the University. Students can quickly and simply view the courses they have planned for each term, grades from past terms, credit load per term, and more to help students succeed in meeting their academic goals. This is a planning tool. If you have questions about your plan or degree, contact your advisor.

Key Features

  • Easily add courses from the Course Search & Enroll app
  • Simple to edit and change
  • Add important notes to your plan
  • View an entire year’s, or several years’ worth of courses at once
  • Create multiple degree plans
  • Easy to share your plan with your advisor


This is an accordion element with a series of buttons that open and close related content panels.

It is my first year and I want to plan when I will take all my general education courses.

  1. If a degree plan is not already created, create a degree plan
  2. Add academic years if necessary
  3. Use the Degree Planner or Course Search to find the general education courses you would like to add to your plan
  4. Add the courses to your plan in the desired term and academic year, being aware of requisites for certain courses

I am thinking of traveling abroad next year for a semester and I don’t want to forget to talk to my advisor about it.

Add a note to the term that you are thinking about studying abroad during, reminding yourself of the plan. Also, consider adding a note in an earlier term or year as more of a reminder. If you have courses planned during the term you plan to study abroad, consider saving the courses for later.

I am in Course Search and found a class I want to take, but don’t meet the requisites yet.

You can add the course to your degree plan in a future academic term or year. Also, consider adding the requisite course(s) in earlier years and/or terms. You could also save the course for later, which will be reflected in MyCourses and Degree Planner.

I want to share my plan with my advisor.

In Menu, in the sidebar, click on “Create PDF,” or click on the settings wheel next to the degree name and select “Create PDF.” You can then save or print the PDF and share it with your advisor. Your advisor cannot view a digital version of your plan.

I just ran a DARS report and I want to plan how long it would take me to graduate if I added a second major.

  1. Add/Create a new academic plan, or work within your primary plan
  2. Search in Course Search or Degree Planner for the courses that your DARS indicates are needed to complete the major
  3. Add the courses to your degree plan in appropriate terms and/or years, being cautious of requisites and credit limits
  4. Once the courses are added, move the courses around as needed to finalize the plan
  5. You should now have a pretty good idea of how long it would take you to graduate


Key Features within Course Search & Enroll

  • Distinctive icons visibly indicate when requirements or sub requirements are complete
  • Connects with established degree plans created by students in the Course Search & Enroll Degree Planner tool
  • Ability to run “What-If” reports
  • Ability to expand or collapse all requirement sections, or expand sections individually
  • Depending on the audit settings selected, the expanded view can provide a list of courses that have been planned, enrolled in, in progress, and graded.
  • Clearly displays at the top of the report: Date of Report, Advanced Standing Credits, High School Units, Declared Major (Academic Plans), Advisor(s), and Catalog Year/Alt Catalog Year dates.

Learn more about DARS