Your transcript is the official record of your UW–Madison academic history, including courses taken, grades received, and degrees that have been awarded.

Transcripts are free. A PDF version may be available when you place your order, depending on when you were enrolled. If you need a paper transcript right away, please come to our office, where we can print your official transcript.

If you aren’t familiar with ordering transcripts, please take a moment to read valuable information on this page about cost, processing times, delivery, and authenticity.

If you were enrolled in a term from Fall 2010 to present:

Log in to MyUW and access the transcript ordering system through Student Center>Academic Records>Request My Official Transcript.

If you were enrolled in a term from Fall 1979 to Summer 2010:

Log in with your 10-digit UW campus ID and PIN, or by verifying four digits of your Social Security Number and a course you took while at UW–Madison. Once logged in, find the “Academic Records” box and click “Request My Official Transcript”.

If you were enrolled in Summer 1979 or earlier:

You will receive an authorization form to sign and send to us by postal mail or fax, which allows us to release your transcript.

If you are a third party ordering someone else’s transcript:

All transcripts orders require correct authorization before the order can be filled.

View your own Unofficial Transcript (your UW–Madison academic history) in Student Center.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to use a different kind of official document, like an enrollment verification or proof of your degree. Explore these other types of academic-record documents before you order a transcript—you might get the right information faster, without sharing more of your academic record than you need to.

If you are unable to request your official transcript electronically, you may download a PDF version of the request form. Please note the order form must be signed before returning it to our office.
Download a PDF transcript order form here.

Other kinds of academic-record documents

Unofficial Transcript. If you just want to look at your academic history, and you were enrolled at UW–Madison in Fall 1979 or after, you can quickly view your Unofficial Transcript (sometimes called the “student record”) with a PDF through the online Student Center tool. Your Unofficial Transcript includes everything that would be in an official transcript, plus notes about grade changes or actions by deans on your behalf.

Degree verification/completion letter. If you only need proof that you have earned a UW–Madison degree or have completed Graduate School requirements for a degree, you can receive a letter verifying your accomplishment.

Enrollment verification. To prove that you are currently enrolled at UW–Madison, you can download a PDF with your enrollment status from Student Center.

Enrollment and degree verification for employers. Prospective or current employers can order their own proof of your enrollment or degree through the National Student Clearinghouse, which charges them for each request.

Voter enrollment verification. Students using a UW–Madison-issued voter-compliant ID card also need to show proof of enrollment at their polling place. You can get a special version of this just for voting purposes.

Everything you need to know to order a transcript

The transcript combines all of your UW–Madison enrolled activity in one document. If you attended for an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, and Law School, these are all included in your transcript and cannot be separated out by degree or school/college. Learn more about how to read the Transcript Key/Legend.

Transcripts, like diplomas, are official legal documents verified by the University. Transcripts are signed by the University Registrar and are printed on security paper with the University of Wisconsin–Madison seal.

An official encrypted PDF version may also be available when you place your order, depending on when you were enrolled. These PDFs are delivered by email and have special access codes to protect your privacy.

Courses at other universities

Courses that were transferred from other schools to a UW–Madison degree program are listed on UW–Madison transcripts. Course equivalency and credits awarded are included; grades from other institutions are not.

UW–Madison does not release official transcripts from other educational institutions, even if you previously submitted them to UW–Madison.

Need it today?

The fastest way to get your paper transcript is from our office during regular business hours, where we can print your transcript immediately (in most cases; students enrolled before Fall 1979 usually need to allow a few days for processing). You can also order online and choose “In Person Pick-up.”

Online orders are securely processed by a service called Parchment, which handles the delivery of printed and encrypted PDF transcripts, including the cost for expedited or international shipping.

Paper order form. If you don’t want to order online or in person at our office, complete this transcript order form (or use Adobe Acrobat or Reader to type in your responses, then print) and send to us by mail, email, or fax (see contact information at the bottom of the page). Our office is not able to receive transcript orders by phone, but you can order by phone from Parchment (847-716-3005) for a $10 fee.

  • Be sure that recent grades received or degrees earned are posted to your student record before ordering a transcript.
  • If your legal name has changed since you were a student and you’d like your transcript to reflect that, please contact us to make a name change before ordering a transcript.

Cost and delivery options

The transcript is free. The cost of producing a variety of official documents for students is covered by a one-time fee charged with the first term’s tuition.

You can request up to five transcripts in one order and have these sent to different recipients.

Paper transcripts will not be scanned and emailed or faxed to you or any other recipient. If you want a paper transcript printed on special security paper, please choose “Printed Transcript Mailed to Recipient” during the order process.

If you want your transcript to come by email, please choose “PDF Transcript Downloaded by Recipient.”

There is no charge for first-class U.S. Postal Service delivery, nor for PDF delivery. Fedex service with tracking numbers is available for an extra fee. Visa and MasterCard can be used for online orders. Our office can accept checks for mailed or in-person orders.

First-class U.S. Postal Service: free
Fedex to contiguous 48 states: $23 per recipient
Fedex to Alaska or Hawaii: $30 per recipient
Fedex to outside the 50 states: $53 per recipient

Processing time

We can begin filling your transcript order when you have a complete order, which means you have:

  • removed any holds on your record
  • paid for express shipping, if you’ve chosen that option
  • sent us a dated and signed authorization form, if applicable
  • received confirmation that we’ve received any third-party attachments have been received, if applicable.

Orders made in person at our office are filled immediately, unless your academic records are all before Summer 1979. For those orders we need to request materials held at other archive locations. It can take up to four more days to process these orders.

Most online transcript orders take one to three days to process, not including postal/express delivery time. If you paid for express delivery and your complete order was placed before 2:01 pm Central Time, we will process your order that same day.

Sealed envelopes

Most institutions require that the transcript arrives sealed in the original official envelopes. Each paper transcript that is ordered for postal or express delivery is sent in its own sealed official envelope to protect your records and privacy.

  • Don’t open the sealed envelope!

If you open the sealed envelope you may need to place a new order (including any optional payments). Multiple transcripts sent to one recipient (such as if you order more than one to be sent to yourself) will be sealed in separate envelopes and mailed together in one package. If you pick up transcripts in person in our office, you can request that these be sealed in official envelopes.

Who else can order transcripts

Third-party ordering. If you are ordering someone else’s transcript (e.g., you represent a college or employer who requires this information), use this ordering system. All transcripts orders require correct authorization before the order can be filled.

Deceased students. To order a transcript of a deceased student, please use the third-party order form or transcript order form, mail it to our office with an explanation of your request, and include a death certificate or newspaper obituary.

Parents. Your parents are not able to order your transcript by themselves. You are free to share a transcript that you ordered with them, or you can designate them as a recipient of a mailed or PDF transcript.

Sending other documents with your transcript

Third-Party Attachments option. If you have any other documents or forms that must accompany your transcript (e.g., American Medical College Application Service or Law School Admission Council application forms, graduate school forms, etc.), select and complete the Third-Party Attachments option when requesting your transcript. We start processing your transcript order when that attachment(s) has been received in our office, so the process can take a little longer.

Tracking your order

Check the processing status of your transcript request using the order number sent to your email address. You can also opt to get text-message updates sent to your cell phone.

Paper transcripts. When the processing status shows “Complete,” please allow about two weeks for U.S. mail delivery before you contact us. If a transcript has not been received within 30 days, please let us know and we’ll send a replacement. If it’s been more than 60 days after the “Complete” processing status and the transcript has still not been received, please check the mailing address and start over with a new order.

When secure PDF versions of your transcript are opened by your designated recipient (e.g., employer), you will receive an emailed notification.

If you paid for express delivery, you’ll receive a Fedex tracking number for each recipient, which you can use to confirm arrival.

What to do if the transcript is wrong

Please contact us if you received the wrong or blank transcript, or there’s an error like wrong degree, course, or grade.

If your legal name has changed since you were a student and you’d like your transcript to reflect that, complete this name change form before ordering a transcript.