Post Enrollment Requisite Check (PERC)

PERC Contact List (Summer 2024)

PERC enrollment subject Who to contact
Chemistry (CHEM)
Communication Arts (COM ARTS)
Computer Science (COMP SCI)
English as a Second Language (ESL) 
Slavic, Slavic Languages (GNS)
Mathematics (MATH)
Music/Music Performance (MUSIC, MUS PERF)
Nutritional Sciences (NUTR SCI)
Psychology (PSYCH)
Spanish, Portuguese (SPANISH, PORTUG)
Statistics (STAT)

Departmental Review period for Summer 2024: May 30, 2024 – June 6, 2024

Action taken for dropped students: June 7, 2024


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I received an email that said my course enrollment was under review. What does that mean?

You are enrolled for a course in the upcoming semester but may not have completed the requirements. The department is reviewing your enrollment during a period of time (usually 9 days) and will make a decision to either allow you to remain enrolled or drop you from the course. If you believe you have received this email in error or wish to discuss your status, please use the PERC Contact List on this page to contact the appropriate representative.

What does it mean to not complete a requisite?

To complete a requisite, all factors must be satisfied. The most common examples of not completing a requisite are receiving a grade of I (incomplete), NW (no work), or F (fail). If you received a grade of I or NW, It is likely that you still need to complete the coursework, take an exam, or turn in an assignment in order to receive a final grade in the course. If you failed the necessary course, this means you have not satisfied the requisite and are not properly prepared to remain enrolled in your planned course.

What are examples of requisites?

Some examples of requisites:

  • UW-Madison courses (e.g., Spanish 101)
  • Transfer courses that are equivalent to the UW-Madison course
  • Student groups (e.g., Bradley Learning Community residents)
  • Specific academic program(s) such as major(s), certificate(s), minor(s), honors program(s), and named option(s) (e.g., Declared in Art History major)
  • Class standing (e.g., Sophomore [or higher] as determined by credits)
  • Grade in a course (e.g., Must earn a grade of C or better in Chemistry 343 in order to enroll in Chemistry 345)
  • Advanced Placement scores
  • UW Placement test scores (e.g., If Math 112 is a requisite, students who are exempt from Math 112 because of their placement test score have met the requisite)

How does not completing a requisite relate to PERC?

If you have not completed a requisite and are enrolled for a course that requires completion of the requisite, a department may choose to evaluate your enrollment during our review window prior to the start of the semester. This is typically evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The department will make a decision to either  allow you to remain enrolled, or to drop you from the future course.

How will I know if I get dropped, and then what happens?

You will receive a decision via email at the end of the review period. If you have not completed a requisite and are dropped from a course you are enrolled in for the next semester, you have several options:

  1. Choose another course to enroll in, especially if you plan to maintain full-time enrollment and getting dropped puts you under the full-time threshold (12 credits for undergraduates).
  2. Retake/re-enroll in the course that was not successfully completed, if it is a requisite for a future needed course. This may be the best option if you need to earn a certain grade in a course in order to enroll for another.
  3. Leave your schedule as-is.

These are a few of your options, but there may be others that are better suited to your individual situation. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss their courses and make a plan.

Will the dropped course show up on my transcript?

No. If you are dropped from the course as a result of PERC, the course will be removed from your schedule prior to the beginning of the semester, and there will be no record of the drop on your transcript.

I was granted permission to enroll for the course, but I received the PERC email. What should I do?

If you believe you received the email in error and are prepared to take the course, you should contact the designated representative in the PERC Contact List on this page as soon as possible. It’s also recommended that you check in with your advisor.

I have decided to change my schedule for the upcoming semester and no longer plan to remain enrolled in the related course. Now what?

You are able to adjust your schedule as you like, and can choose to drop the class on your own and/or replace it with a different course.

I received a warning email, but wasn't dropped. Now what?

If you received an email warning you that you may be dropped, but you did not receive a second email indicating that you were dropped, the department has chosen to allow you to remain enrolled in the future course. You should confirm your enrollment in Course Search & Enroll to make sure that your schedule hasn’t changed. Depending on your individual situation, it’s recommended to check in with your advisor about your upcoming classes, especially if you are concerned about your academic preparedness for the course in question.

I'm not an undergraduate but I received an email that said my course enrollment was under review. What should I do?

Non-undergraduates who receive a PERC email should reach out to the appropriate departmental contact listed on this page about the PERC process. Graduate students, special/guest students, and law/medicine/other professional students sometimes enroll in undergraduate courses that participate in PERC, and the PERC process can vary slightly for such students.