Session Codes and Curricular Weeks

Modular Courses

modular is a course that is shorter than a full term and can start and end on any week during a term. Students are encouraged to enroll for modular courses when they enroll for other courses at the beginning of a term. However, web enrollment is available to students who wish to enroll in a modular course up to the time the course first meets. Students can use the Class Search in the Student Center to enter search criteria for modular classes beginning during a specified week.

Initial enrollment or course adds will be permitted as follows:

Length of Course Enrollment Deadlines*

One to seven weeks . . . . . . .End of 3rd day of classes
Eight weeks and longer . . . . .End of 1st week of classes

*Note: “3rd day of classes” refers to the third day of the first week in which the course begins. Modular courses may be dropped according to the following schedule:

Drop Deadline

Length of Course (by Friday of week indicated)

One Week 1st week of course
Two to Three Weeks 2nd week of course
Four to Five Weeks 3rd week of course
Six to Seven Weeks 4th week of course
Eight Weeks 5th week of course
Nine to Ten Weeks 6th week of course
Eleven to Twelve Weeks 7th week of course
Thirteen to Fifteen Weeks 8th week of course
Sixteen Weeks 9th week of course

Students who qualify for veterans’ benefits are reminded that their enrollment status will be evaluated on the basis of the number of credits, number of hours per week in class and number of weeks enrolled.

Length of Modular Course DR/W Drop Deadline

One to seven weeks…………End of 3rd day of classes
Eight weeks and longer………End of 1st week of classes (F)

Adjustment/Refunding and Late Payment Schedules for Modular Courses

Adjustment/Refunding and late payment schedules tailored to the length of the modular courses are in effect and will vary depending upon the duration of a particular course.