Building a better campus community by supporting students, faculty, and staff through the creation and implementation of essential enrollment, curricular, credit, and student record services, tools, and guidance.

Plan a degree in the new Course Search & Enroll app

This tool helps students structure and plan their courses during their time at the University. Students can quickly and simply view the courses they have planned for each term, grades from past terms, credit load per term, and more.

Learn how to navigate the new Student Center

Student Center has been updated to reflect a more intuitive and tablet-friendly way to access your student information. The addition of tiles - the squares located on your Student Center homepage - will help you navigate to your destination quickly.

tiles in Student Center

The Course Search & Enroll app is live for all campus users

With the new app browse the Schedule of Classes, use filters to fine-tune your search, enroll in classes in just a few clicks, get a real-time count of open seats and section wait list status, and add, drop, swap and save courses for later.