Textbook Information

Information for Teaching Instructors

Instructors now have the ability to enter textbook information into the Faculty Center. This includes textbooks, materials, special instructions and website urls. Once displayed, this information is available to students in Course Search & Enroll.

    Textbook Process

All bookstores can retrieve the textbook information entered by instructors (including current enrollment and capacity levels).  If an instructor prefers to send their booklist to a local bookstore, they still should record textbook information via the Faculty Center so it will be available to students.  Note: In order to reduce textbook costs for students, instructors should enter textbook information as soon as it becomes available.

Instructors can also notify UW Libraries that they are interested in having items on reserve for students. Additional information is available at the UW Libraries webpage.

Information for Bookstores

  • To download the data files, <Right Click> on the link and select “Save Target As…”
    • Files are stored on the website as a .csv file (comma-separated values) and can be opened and saved in Access, Excel, Notepad, Textpad or Wordpad.
  • The textbook data is refreshed every 2 hours, Monday – Friday starting at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 am/pm and at 12 noon.  On Saturday and Sunday the textbook data is refreshed every 6 hours starting at 5 am/pm and 11 am/pm.
  • How to use the data files

Downloadable Textbook data by term:

Disclaimer: The files below contain all active sections for a term and finalized and un-finalized textbook data. Un-finalized textbook data will have an ‘N’ in the Display column.

Textbook Initiative

In August 2008 the University of Wisconsin-Madison launched an initiative to display textbook information to students in My UW-Madison. Faculty are being asked to enter textbook information directly into their faculty center which will then be available for display to students. The information is also being made available to any bookstore via the download links.

  • The Federal Government’s reauthorized Higher Education Opportunity Act was signed by President Bush in August of 2008. Among other requirements, the Act states that institutions will be required to disclose the ISBN and the retail price information of textbooks required on the institution’s course schedule. It further requires the institution to provide “its college bookstore” with the information on the textbooks that will be required at the institution. UW-Madison does not have its “own bookstore”, but by providing the information in a public space, it will be available to any bookstore. To review the Higher Education Opportunity Act, go to https://www.congress.gov/bill/110th-congress/house-bill/04137.

eTexts and other digital course materials are becoming more and more available to students for a fraction of the cost of printed materials. Read more about the campus’s eText pilot program.