Advisor Assignments

There is a University-wide expectation that any department or unit that owns a degree/major or certificate maintain accurate advisor assignments for students declared in the program(s). In certain scenarios, we can help advising units across campus when they need to make changes to assigned advisors for a large number of students. Typically this is needed when an advisor changes job roles or leaves the unit.

With appropriate security access in SIS, units can change advisor assignments one student at a time. The tools available to the Office of the Registrar allow us to apply a particular change to a batch of students at one time.

For all requests, we will need the advisor’s name and SIS “EMPL ID” (a ten-digit number starting with “000,” not netID or campus ID).

Request a list of all students assigned to a specific advisor

A good starting place is to review a list of students currently assigned to an advisor. The list we generate includes both active and discontinued students. (Data Center will only show active students.) After we have received your request, the Office of the Registrar will email you an Excel-format file with the following student information:

  • name
  • academic program
  • academic career
  • academic plan
  • status (active or discontinued)

Request list of assigned students

Batch change advisor assignment

For each advisor assignment change request, we will send you an Excel-format list of the students affected by the change, with the details listed above. If you have any questions about whether or not your advisor change request can be done in batch by the Office of the Registrar, please email to discuss options.


All students advised by one advisor will be reassigned to another.

Example of a switch. — Anna Alvarez is leaving the department. All of Anna’s students now need to be assigned to Barb Brown.

The advising unit can also request a switch for a temporary assignment if a permanent replacement for Anna has not yet been hired. When the new advisor is in place, submit another switch request (from the temporary person to the new advisor). Best practice is for the temporary person to be someone who does not currently have advisees (for example, a department administrator). If the temporary person does have existing advisees, switching Anna’s students from the temporary person to a future hire will need to be done manually by your unit.

Alpha switch

All students advised by one advisor will be reassigned to others, based on alphabetical ranges.

Example of an alpha switch. — Anna Alvarez is leaving the department. All of Anna’s students now need to be assigned to the department’s three other advisors: Arnie Andersen, Kyoko Kojima, and Reece Rao. Arnie will be assigned Anna’s students whose last names begin with A through J; Kyoko will advise students with names K through Q; and Reece will advise students with names from R through Z.


All students advised by one advisor will also have a new second advisor.

Example of an add. — Dana Drew has been hired by the department. Dana will be added as a second advisor to all of Anna Alvarez’s students.


An advisor will be removed from any assignments.

Example of a remove. — Anna Alvarez is leaving the department. It has been department practice to assign both Anna and Reece Rao to the same students. Anna will be removed so these students will now have just Reece as their advisor.

Note: Recommended practice is to make sure the affected students have at least one more advisor in the unit. If Anna was their only advisor, after Anna is removed the unit will need to manually add a replacement advisor in SIS. To help avoid this situation, feel free to request a list of Anna’s students and a list of Reece’s students using this form and compare, to find any students advised only by Anna.

Request changed advisor assignment