Dean’s List

Congratulations to the high-achieving students named to the Dean’s List of their UW–Madison school or college!

Dean’s Lists are created about a month after the end of the final-exam grading period for the Fall and Spring semesters. This timing allows for grade reporting, grade changes, the clearing of Incompletes, and other end-of-semester actions.

I think I’m on the Dean’s List, but I’m not listed on this web page, or my local newspaper didn’t publish my name.

Some reasons why are listed below.

These lists will show your “preferred name,” if you’ve set one, from your unofficial transcript.

Here’s how you can set up a preferred name, or request a change to your legal name.

Dean’s list requirements

To be eligible for a Dean’s List, students must complete a minimum of 12 graded degree credits in that semester.

Dean’s List honors are noted on students’ transcripts, and students may receive a letter from their dean’s office. The University also notifies local newspapers around the country. Announcements are sent once per semester to the newspapers near the student’s home zip code.

Each school or college sets the semester grade-point average requirements to receive an honor, the name of which varies from school to school. Some have more than one level of honor, such as the School of Human Ecology which grants Dean’s Honor List or Dean’s High Honors, depending on the semester grade-point average of the student. Find the requirements of each school or college:

I think I’m on the Dean’s List, but I’m not listed on this web page, or my local newspaper didn’t publish my name.

Questions about a particular student’s eligibility for a Dean’s List should come from the student (due to FERPA protections of student information) and should be directed to the student-affairs section of the dean’s office in the school or college in which they are enrolled. Follow your school/college requirements link (on this page) to find their contact information.

  1. Some students have requested that some personal information, including name, awards, and street addresses, not be made public. This is commonly called a “FERPA hold.” Read this help document to learn how to view and change your FERPA restrictions. Read more about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 here. If you have a FERPA hold, the Dean’s List honor will be recorded on your transcript but will not be publicly acknowledged on this website or in announcements sent to hometown newspapers.
  2. UW–Madison uses the student-entered home zip code listed under “Profile” in Student Center. Some students choose to enter a local Madison address or other address that may not reflect their hometown. Read this help document to learn how to find your home zip code in Student Center. If you have used a home zip code that does not reflect your hometown at the time the Dean’s List is published, the announcement won’t go to your hometown newspaper(s). (Also, not all newspapers publish Dean’s List students.)
  3. Semester GPA is not the only requirement that must be satisfied to qualify for the Dean’s List. Other requirements may include number of graded credits taken in the semester; cumulative GPA; and student level (e.g., sophomore) based on total earned credits rather than number of semesters at UW–Madison. The requirements vary by school and college, so please see the links elsewhere on this page for details.
  4. The Dean’s List can change from day to day. For example, a grade change and resulting change in student GPA could affect whether a student meets their school or college’s requirements. To reflect these changes, the list on this page is updated frequently. However, hometown newspaper announcements are only sent once when the semester list is initially released.

If you believe you should be on this list, you have confirmed this with your dean’s office, and none of the above applies, please contact us and we’ll investigate.