Medical Withdrawal

If a medical withdrawal is approved, tuition will be refunded based on the following schedule:

Fall and Spring Full Semester Courses

Weeks into Session Refund Ranges
0-2 Weeks 100%
3-4 Weeks 90%
5-8 Weeks 70%
9-12 Weeks 50%
13+ Weeks 30%

Summer and Other Non-Standard-Length Courses

Weeks into Session Refund Ranges
First Week 100%
Second Week 70-90%
3-4 Weeks 50-70%
5+ Weeks 30-50%

NOTE: Students participating in UW-Madison sponsored study abroad programs will not be refunded according to the schedule in this policy and should work with their study abroad advisor if they are in need of a medical withdrawal.

How to request a medical withdrawal

Step One: Enter your request to withdraw in Student Center with reason code of ‘medical’

Note: If your request is made after the withdrawal deadline, you cannot initiate a withdrawal in Student Center and will need to make your request directly to your academic dean’s office.

Step Two: Contact your academic dean’s office

You need to work with the academic dean’s office in your school/college to complete your medical withdrawal. Documentation is required for medical withdrawals requested after the 100% refund deadline

Documentation requirements:

  • In the case of a physical or behavioral health condition: A supporting letter from a licensed healthcare provider or healthcare records that correlate with and substantiate the request for the term of medical withdrawal. A licensed health care provider may include a licensed medical (e.g., physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant) or mental health care provider (e.g., psychologist, counselor, social worker).
  • In the case of death of an immediate family member: An obituary or other official record of death may be requested as documentation.

Step Three: Review the withdrawal website

Learn more about withdrawing including the impacts of withdrawing, returning to UW-Madison, and frequently asked questions. 

Step Four: Seek out campus resources for help

If you are facing personal challenges and need help, UW-Madison has resources available.