David Hall

Position title: Software Developer/Engineer - SEA

Email: dghall@wisc.edu

A headshot of David Hall

David has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Philosophy, both from UW-Madison.

David started his career doing IT in higher education doing desktop support as a student at the University of Chicago, and later at UW-Fox Valley.    After transferring to UW-Madison, David became one of the first Student Peer Trainers, teaching students how to use email and a new technology called the World Wide Web.  He continued work on campus as a graduate student, where he joined a team at DoIT implementing a new system called PeopleSoft, which was meant to replace the old SIS that ran on the campus mainframe computer.  After go live of the new SIS, he continued to work on PeopleSoft for the campus as well as across UW System, helping with UW-Milwaukee and a number of other campuses with PeopleSoft implementations.  That work led to the formation of the UW System MILER Team, which David was part of for over a decade.   David also worked for many years at UW Extended Campus, developing key integrations for use in collaborative degree programs shared by UW-Colleges, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Parkside.  Most recently, David worked for a large healthcare provider, supporting integrations for their Workday system.   David is thrilled to be back “home” at UW-Madison, once again working on the system he helped implement almost 25 years ago.

Outside of work, David has a wide range of geeky interests, including being a science fiction and fantasy fan and an avid player of tabletop games (role-playing as well as boardgames).   He has also spent many years playing in the Society for Creative Anachronism, which recreates the better parts of the Middle Ages (sort of a do-it-yourself Renaissance fair).