Major, Options, Degrees and Certificates Report

The Majors, Options, Degrees, and Certificates workbook displays the current term’s active majors, options, degrees, and certificates. Users can search for majors or certificates in the workbook using available filters and export a list to Excel using the Data Exporter tab.

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How do I navigate this workbook?

Tableau navigation tips are available by clicking the “?” icon in the upper right corner of each report.

How do I see degree information?

To see degree information on the Majors, Options and Degree tab hover over the blue “Details” text. Degree information is also populated in the export from the Data Exporter tab.

Can I download this data?

Yes, you can download majors, degree and/or certificate data to Excel using the Data Exporter tab. There are a variety of filters you can use to limit the data export as well.

What term is this data looking at?

Major’s Options and Degree tab and Certificate tab are set to the current term, based on today’s date. In the Data Exporter tab, you can select the current term or one future term.

What is the source of this data?

Majority of the data shown if pulled from Info Access views UW_ACADEMIC_PLAN and UW_ACADEMIC_SUBPLAN. Some degree information is populated from the SIS table PS_DEGREE_TBL. More information about the logic of this workbook is available by selecting the “i” button on the dashboards.

When will this data be refreshed?

The data is updated nightly.

What are plans and subplans?

Plans are academic offerings such as majors and certificates. Subplans are curricular options within plans. For more information about UW-Madison’s academic structure please visit:

What is an option?

Named options serve as a convenient way to distinguish a distinct curriculum or delivery format within a major. A named option is NOT a new degree or major. For more information please visit: