Textbook Information

Viewing Textbook Information

To view textbook information, view the session details of a course in Course Search & Enroll.

where to find textbook information in Course Search and Enroll

Please note: Textbook information becomes available in Course Search & Enroll and other resources once professors and instructors provide it. Some professors and instructors choose not to include textbook information but instead may email enrolled students a syllabus or other class materials before class.

Buying Textbooks and Course Materials

Textbooks are available at a variety of on-campus locations, including numerous campus-area bookstores.

Students may also be required to purchase course packets, lab equipment, and/or art materials. These items are available at campus or local stores.

Textbooks can be expensive, and some cost-saving alternatives are available. Students should be sure to purchase the correct textbook edition. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN), the 10 or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books published internationally, is included in the textbooks listings if the instructor has provided it.

Alternatives to Buying New Textbooks:

  1. Look early for used copies. Check local bookstores that buy back textbooks.
  2. Borrow from a campus library.
    1. Campus libraries have copies of many course texts available for short-term loan (including high-cost textbooks funded with support from the UW Foundation Parent Fund).
    2. Visit the libraries’ website for details.
  3. Consider renting through a local bookstore or online textbook rental website.
  4. Consider purchasing textbooks online.
  5. Consider using online textbooks or ebooks.
    1. For students who own iPads, Kindles or other tablet devices, textbooks may be purchased and/or rented at a lower price than printed copies.

*Note: Independent websites and/or stores for purchasing and/or renting textbooks are private companies and are not affiliated with or endorsed by UW-Madison.