Session dates

The majority of classes are offered in the 15-week-long Fall and Spring semester called the A1 or Regular session.

Certain other classes run for fewer weeks, start on a different week, or have other rules about deadlines. The sessions for these classes have alphabet codes like AJJ. When you enroll, you can search for classes in specific sessions.

Find the right dates for your enrolled classes on the home page of your Student Center. In the grid showing your enrolled classes, select the “dates and deadlines” icon — icon image — which opens a page showing the add, drop, and tuition adjustment dates for that class.

In Student Center, dates for that class’s session looks like:

DR/W Transcript Notation Date = deadline to drop a class without a record of that class appearing on your transcript (after, it shows as DR).

Add Class/Add Waitlist Deadline = deadline to add a class or get on a wait list, without needing permission of the department offering the class.

For any session other than A1 (Regular), use the Add Class/Add Waitlist date as the deadline to edit class options on your own in Student Center. Options include changing Honors Optional status, credits earned for a variable-credit class, and pass/fail or credit/audit status. After the deadline, you can request such changes in Student Center with the approval of instructor/department/academic dean (depending on the action).

Tuition 100%/50%/25% Refund = deadline to drop a class and get a tuition adjustment on those credits, if the change would qualify you for a different tuition assessment (not all sessions have all refund deadlines).

Drop Class Deadline = deadline to drop a class without needing approval of your academic dean.