Midterm and Final Exam Information

Midterm and Final Exam Policy Information

For more information, see the Midterm and Final Exam Policy Information page.

Final Exam Room Assignments

Final exams in General Assignment Classrooms are assigned in mid-November for fall terms and mid-April for spring terms. Once assigned, these room assignments can be viewed by students in the My Courses widget in MyUW and faculty and instructors in Faculty Center. Staff with appropriate access can also run reports using Data Center in SIS. In instances where more than one classroom is assigned, instructors communicate to students how the rooms are to be divided.

If your course does not have a room assignment, contact the instructor or department giving the exam to determine the location.


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Will final exams be administered in person or remotely for the Fall 2020 semester?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the university plans to switch to a remote format for final exams for Fall 2020. Thus, no classrooms will be assigned for final exams.

Are evening exams (or any times outside of the regular in-person meeting) for in-person daytime classes allowed in Fall 2020?

In a typical semester, departments and faculty/instructors have the option to schedule in-person midterm exams outside regular in-person class meeting times. (Advance notice to students is expected via a class note visible at enroll.wisc.edu.) Due to space constraints, more classes meeting in the evenings, and other considerations, no scheduling of in-person midterms outside of regular class meeting times will be permitted this fall (except for documented McBurney accommodations). Instructors need to schedule evaluation of students during regularly scheduled class meeting times or in alternative formats.