Curricular contact information

The table below provides details about the Curricular Services team in the Office of the Registrar, including staff members’ areas of specialty and the schools/colleges and departments that they work most closely with. Departmental curricular representatives should feel free to reach out to their Curricular Services point person with questions.

wdt_ID Curricular Services Staff Member Curricular Program Areas Phone Email School/College/Department
1 Jeff Armstrong Assistant Registrar for Curricular Services 262-0999
2 Jennifer Donahoe 25LivePro Administration;
Classroom Scheduling;
262-5333 Air, Military & Naval Science;
Human Ecology;
L&S (Math-Relig St)
3 Chuck Dvorak Curricular Management;
Sections Combined

265-3326 Environmental Studies;
L&S (Econ-Lit Trans);
Medicine & Public Health;
Veterinary Medicine
4 Brittany Elandt Special Event Scheduling;
Final Exams
262-2514 Business;
L&S (African-E Asian)
5 Kate Kurek Campus Outreach;
Academic Calendar
263-1949 Ag & Life Sciences
6 Sherrán Pak Instructor Database;
Course Requisites
262-4411 Engineering;
L&S (Scand St-Zoology)
7 Nikki Bollig Course Catalog 262-9178