Course Reevaluation Request

Some things to know before starting the form:

  • If you encounter the error screen “Thank you for your interest in this survey. Unfortunately, you are not authorized to access this survey.” please refer to the following information regarding browser compatibility. Additionally, you may need to clear out your browser cookies/data cache before trying to access the form again.
  • Your Campus ID is the 10-digit number beginning with “90…”
  • You must provide a detailed syllabus in one PDF format. Syllabus should include a list of topics covered, required textbooks, and an assignment calendar.
  • If the original syllabus is not in English, please provide the original language and an English translation in the same document. ( can help with merging documents)
  • The request must be submitted within 1 week from the time you begin the form or it will be deleted from the system and you will need to start over
  • If you are submitting a request for multiple incoming courses to be equivalent to a single UW-Madison course, please submit requests for each original course and include information in the Additional Information field regarding your request.

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Please direct questions to and include your Campus ID number and the date your submitted your request in question.