Undergraduate Transfer Credit Advisory Group (UTCAG)

At a glance


UTCAG has representation including but not limited to, each of the schools and colleges at UW-Madison offering undergraduate majors and degrees, the Credit Evaluation Services team in the Office of the Regisrar, the Office of Undergraduate Advising, Center for the First Year Experience, and Academic Planning & Institutional Research. In light of the particular role of University General Education Requirements with respect to transfer, a representative of the University General Education Committee (UGEC) will also be represented.  UTCAG co-chairs may invite additional individuals to meetings based on specific topics, especially those that require additional expertise for informing the discussion.

Name Area
Megan Ackerman-Yost CALS
Katie Bleier Nursing
Lori Christianson Admissions
Kimbrin Cornelius L&S
Barb Gerloff Education
Scott Golueke Credit Evaluation Services
Kendra Gurnee Pharmacy
Clare Huhn APIR
Madeline Julliard Computer Science
Elaine Klein General Education
Eric MacKay Degree Audit Reporting System
Diana Maki Office of Undergraduate Advising
Tracy Mores Center for First Year Experience
Jackie Murray Wisconsin School of Business
Vacant School of Human Ecology
Jessica Regan Engineering
Martin Rouse Division of Continuing Studies
Emily Schmidt Cross College Advising

Upcoming Meetings

All Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month from 11am-12pm

Virtual Meetings Until Further Notice