Tuition Information

Read about tuition changes for the 2017–18 and 2018–19 academic years here.

Tuition and fee rates for all students are available on Tuition and Fees section of the Office of the Registrar website. 

Students classified as residents of Wisconsin for tuition purposes are assessed resident tuition. Minnesota residents who are certified under the Minnesota-Wisconsin reciprocity program are assessed Minnesota-Wisconsin reciprocity tuition. All other students are assessed nonresident tuition. All students, except Guest students, are assessed mandatory segregated fees in addition to instructional tuition.

International Student Tuition

International tuition rates are charged to students with an active F-1 or J-1 visa on record with the university.  Visa status for international students is maintained by the International Student Services Office ( and the Office of the Registrar - Residency Section (

Undergraduate & Special students taking more than 18 credits

Undergraduate and Special students will be assessed additional tuition per credit on all credits carried above 18 and will be subject to all provisions of the tuition and fee schedule on those credits including percentage assessments on dropped credits as appropriate.

Determining Residence for Tuition Purposes

Residence for tuition purposes is based on Sec. 36.27(2) Wis. Statutes and is determined at the time an application for admission or reentry into UW-Madison is processed. Notification of the initial determination of residence status for any term occurs via the letter of admission, student information website, or the Invitation to Enroll for classes. For more information, go to the Residence page.   

Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Agreement

Minnesota residents must be certified by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education for the appropriate term to attend UW–Madison under the Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity Agreement. When certification is received, students will be assessed the approved reciprocity tuition rate plus the segregated fees assessed all UW–Madison students. Students under this program will be classified as nonresidents of Wisconsin. For more information, go to Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Graduate/Professional Students (Dual Career students)

Students who are jointly classified as graduate/professional are subject to a combined tuition schedule. For more information, contact the Tuition Assessment section of the Office of the Registrar,; (608) 262-4031.

Nonstandard Fee Courses and Programs

Nonstandard fee courses and programs may have fees different than those described above. Nonstandard fee courses are indicated as such by a footnote in the schedule of classes. Questions regarding nonstandard fee courses and programs can be directed to the Tuition Assessment section of the Office of the Registrar,; (608) 262–4031.

Tuition Surcharge for Wisconsin Resident Undergraduates with Excess Cumulative Credits

Wisconsin resident undergraduates who have accumulated more than 165 completed credits will be assessed a 100% tuition surcharge on credits over 165, as required by the UW System Board of Regents. For more information, go to the Excessive Cumulative Credits page. 


Tuition Adjustment and Refunding Schedule

The date a course is dropped determines if a tuition refund will occur.

Fall and Spring Terms

• Weeks 1 and 2, 100% tuition refund
• Weeks 3 and 4, 50% tuition refund
• There is no refund after week 4

The above adjustment/refunding schedule applies to the regular (A1) session for fall and spring semesters only. Summer term courses and modular courses may have different adjustment/refunding schedules. The same adjustment/refunding schedule apply to both course drops and withdrawals from the University.

Important notes relating to the adjustment/refunding schedule:

1. If you enroll for a course(s) and do not attend or stop attending without officially dropping the course(s) or withdrawing from the University, you are still responsible for payment of all tuition and fees for the course(s) unless you officially drop them or withdraw from the University.

2. Cautionary Note: Be aware that withdrawal from the University may affect the amount of a student’s financial aid received for that term. Please see the “Financial Aid Recipients” section for additional information.

Refunds are generated by the Bursar’s Office usually within three to five business days following the date of the credit balance.  


For questions concerning tuition assessment, Minnesota reciprocity, adjustment/refunding schedule, or any other topic, contact the Office of the Registrar:

Office of the Registrar, University of Wisconsin-Madison

333 East Campus Mall, #10101

Madison, WI 53715- 1384


Phone: (608) 262 - 4031


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