Stu Churchill-Hoyer

Position title: Senior Information Technology Strategy Consultant & SIS Analyst


Stu Churchill-Hoyer has over 40 years of Higher Administration experience in both corporate America and the college & university setting. He currently holds the position of SIS Analyst but during his most recent time at UW-Madison he has also served as the Divisional Cloud Program Manager, Special Projects and Product Specialist, Project Manager and Business Analyst. Stu is a Co-Chair of the Higher Education Users Group (HEUG) Student Cloud Working Group, a long-term member of other HEUG Advisory Groups and committees, and has presented at numerous regional, national and international professional association conferences and symposiums. Prior to his most recent role at UW – Madison, Stu worked in a number of capacities for over 15 years with PeopleSoft/Oracle focusing on software design & build, product training and with the facilitation and leadership of both large scale ERP and smaller business unit process specific implementations. Roles held included Consulting Manager & Solution Architect, Senior Principal Consultant, Master Instructor and Product Manager. Before his tenure with PeopleSoft/Oracle, he spent 19 years in Higher Education Administration in a number of roles including Transcript Supervisor, Assistant Registrar, International Student Advisor, Director of International Student & Scholars Services, Director of International Admissions and Director of Graduate Admissions for Boston University, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Wisconsin –Madison and the University of Michigan. Prior to starting his career in Higher Education Administration, Stu served in the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Technology/Technician. He has a B.S. Degree in General Studies with concentrations in English and Information Science. Stu is an avid landscaper, addicted gardener, and very happy dog owner.