Spring Enrollment 2021


Step 1: Prepare for Enrollment

Start preparing for spring enrollment now!

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Explore majors and requirements in the Guide

Check progress to your degree by adding courses to Degree Planner and running a DARS (degree audit) (undergraduate students only)

Begin to plan your schedule by adding courses to your Degree Planner. Learn more about Degree Planner

Degree Planner


New to DARS (degree audit)? Check out these video tutorials and step-by-step instructions:

Run a DARS

Check on any enrollment holds

Complete your Pre Enrollment Checklist

Step 2: Get Advising

Undergraduate students: Advisors and advising offices may have limited availability in late December and early January.

Connect with your advisor or advising office to learn how and when to schedule an appointment.

                              Connect with your Advisor

                              Graduate students: Connect with your faculty advisor or graduate program coordinator for advice on course selection.

Step 3: Build Your Schedule

Searching for classes by mode of instruction is now even easier in the Course Search & Enroll app!

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How do I search for courses by mode of instruction?

Use the “Mode of Instruction” filter to search for classes in the format of your choosing.

What are synchronous and asynchronous courses?

Synchronous – Students are expected to be available for online learning at a specific day/time.

Asynchronous – Students are not required to be available to participate at a specific time. Students complete course materials at times of their choosing (within specific timeframes and deadlines).

How do I know the mode of instruction for a particular course?

You can see the mode of instruction for any class by expanding section information.

What if I need help with Course Search and Enroll?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mode of instruction for spring 2021?

Instruction for the spring 2021 semester will be a mix of in-person and online classes.

Which classes will be online and which classes will be in person?

Class sections over 50 will be online. Class sections under 50 could be online, in person, or a mix of online and in-person.

Enrollment is later than usual this semester. Has anything else related to enrollment changed?

While enrollment is later in the semester, the process for assigning enrollment appointment times and enrolling in courses has not changed.

What if I can’t meet with my advisor before my enrollment time?

If you are able to, you should still enroll at your assigned time. You can meet with your advisor after you enroll if you need help or have questions.

Find an advisor

What if I need a specific course to graduate or progress and it is not offered in the format I need?

If you need a specific course to graduate or progress and it is not offered in the format you need, contact your advisor right away.

Find an advisor

When do spring semester classes start? What about spring break?

Following an extended winter break, the spring semester will begin on January 25, nearly one week later than usual. To reduce the potential of COVID-19 spread related to travel, there will be no spring break in 2021. 

What will COVID-19 testing look like in the spring semester?

Beginning with the start of the spring semester, UW–Madison will expand its systematic testing program to ensure that all students who live on campus, attend classes or utilize campus spaces will be tested twice each week. Regular testing will be required for employees working on campus as well. 

This represents a significant expansion over the current program, where weekly testing occurs for students living in residence halls and for workers in Housing and food service.

Other students and staff are tested only if they choose to make an appointment.

See more details in this article. Further information and updates about campus testing can continue to be found on this University Health Services webpage.

What if I am an international student and have more questions?

International students should continue monitoring the information being shared by International Student Services and connect with their advisor. 

What if I’m experiencing academic difficulty this semester?

If you are experiencing any kind of academic difficulty, we encourage you to speak with your advisor.

Advisors want to talk to any students who are struggling to discuss the options available to you and connect you with resources.

Find an advisor

What communications have been sent to me?

Remember to check your UW email regularly for updates and notifications. Here are the emails you may have already received:


What if I have more questions?

Please connect with your undergraduate advisor, graduate program coordinator, or faculty advisor, or reach out to the Office of the Registrar.

For the latest updates, information and planning from UW-Madison, visit the COVID-19 Response website.