R25 Webviewer special-event classroom instructions

R25 Webviewer questions can be sent to r25@em.wisc.edu.

The R25 Webviewer is used by UW–Madison department/program administrative staff to request general-assignment classrooms for special events: department meetings, midterm exams, reviews, speaker events, extra meetings, video screenings, etc.

Anyone with a UW-Madison NetID can view classroom schedules at classrooms.services.wisc.edu.

Administrative staff who will be managing special-event space requests for their department/program can request authorization to use the R25 Webviewer at go.wisc.edu/roomform.

Scheduling classrooms for regular class meetings is handled in the Student Information System, not R25.

If you are an instructor and would like to request a general-assignment classroom for a special event, please contact your department’s curricular representative.

If you are a student and would like to request a general-assignment classroom for a special event, please contact the Campus Events Services Office.

Using the R25 Webviewer

Go to classrooms.services.wisc.edu. Log in using your UW-Madison NetID and password.

View special events in your department/program: select “Events” from the menu at the top of the Webviewer page, then select “Catalog.”

The “Index” page of the event catalog presents lists of events organized by “non-academic” and “school/college,” and grouped by term.

View special events by building and room number: select “Locations” at the top of the Webviewer page.

A schedule grid appears for the current day. Choose a building from the filter column on the left side of the browser window. Use the “date selection” filter to show different dates. The default view is one day at a time; if you wish to view a week, select the “Full Week” button underneath the date selection filter.

Use the “view as a list” option, centered above the schedule grid, to see that location’s rooms, start/end times, and events in a list.

Request a room

Authorized users: select “My Requests” from the menu at the top of the Webviewer page.

Log in to this second level using your UW-Madison NetID and the R25 password provided to you when you received authorization. If you have problems logging in, please contact r25@em.wisc.edu.

Complete the room-request form, using the following format for the event name:
[Dept#] [Course#] [Event Type] [Instructor] [Date(s)]
example: 448 400 Exam Smith 10/17-11/14

We will assign a room for this event within one business day.

Track your requests by selecting “Pending Requests” (requests that we have not yet seen) or “Approved Requests” (requests that we have reviewed and are considered valid). When a room is assigned, it will appear on the Approved Requests page. Select the event to open an event-detail window. Expand “Meetings On or After Today” (click the little plus-sign image) to see the full list of future rooms assigned to that event.


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