Processing section changes

Section changes include changes in Lectures, Discussions, Labs, and Instructors’ ‘Conference Numbers’ for research or independent-study courses of students already enrolled for the course.

There are two options available for processing section changes.

  1. Recommended: Departments should enter a class permission for the student in SIS. If the Add Deadline Date has passed, the ‘Expire Dt’ will need to be adjusted. The student can then use the ‘Swap’ feature through Web Enrollment to complete the section change. This option is available through the Drop Deadline Date of the session the course is offered in.
  2. Section Changes may be submitted to Enrollment Services using the Class Roster. We recommend that these be submitted by the end of the fourth week of classes.

Credit changes; Honors changes; Course Adds; or Course Drops CANNOT be made via the Class Roster. Please notify students to correct their enrollment either using web enrollment ( or by submitting a Course Change Request. Course Change Requests should be initiated by the student in their Student Center in MyUW.

Important: If submitting section changes using the class roster, always use the graded section of the course. This section reflects the number of credits a student is enrolled for and whether the student is enrolled for honors credit. It is critical that we have this information so that section changes can be processed accurately.

Do not ‘add’ or ‘delete’ students from the printed class roster. These types of changes must be done by the student via web enrollment or using the Course Change Request.

How to submit the Class Roster for section changes

Use the ‘Download’ feature on the class roster page. Please do not sort the spreadsheet after you’ve downloaded it. Add a column with the header ‘Change To’ at the end of the document.

Locate the name of the student requesting the section change. Please include the section(s) to be changed to and the five digit class number(s) of the new section(s).

Save the document with these changes and give it a file name that includes the subject area, course number, and term. If this is a modular course or when submitting section changes for summer terms, please incorporate the session code into the document title as well.

Attach the saved document to an e-mail and send to Our office will process the section changes indicated.


  • When submitting section changes for combined section rosters, please indicate the five-digit class number of the correct department section change (the department that the student is enrolled under).
  • Class capacity, requisites and consent of instructor will be overridden when processing section changes via rosters. Please make sure the student is eligible for the section before making section changes.
  • Caution: When a section change also involves a Credit change or Honors credit, a Course Change Request changing credits or adding or deleting honors credit must be submitted by the student.
  • Section changes made via Course Change Requests with departmental approval take precedence over section changes made via class rosters.

For additional information regarding class roster access, please refer to Class Roster Access Tips.


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