Plan a degree in the new Course Search & Enroll app

The Degree Planner is a tool for students to do just that, plan their degree. This tool helps students structure and plan their courses during their time at the University. Students can quickly and simple view the courses they have planned for each term, grades from past terms, credit load per term, and more to help students succeed in meeting their academic goals. This is a planning tool. If a student has questions about their plan or degree, they should contact their advisor.

Key Features

  • Easily add courses from the Course Search & Enroll app
  • Simple to edit and change
  • Add important notes to a plan
  • View an entire year’s, or several years’ worth of courses at once
  • Create multiple degree plans
  • Easy to share a plan with an advisor

Access the Degree Planner through Course Search & Enroll.

Learn more about how to use the Degree Planner.