Official Document Fee - FAQ

The following information regarding the Official Document Fee went into effect starting on August 17, 2015.


Frequently Asked Questions - Official Document Fee

What is the Official Document Fee?

Students are assessed a $65 one-time fee on their first semester tuition bill. This fee impacts students whose first enrolled term is Fall 2015 and beyond. Students who were enrolled for a term prior to Fall 2015 are exempt from the fee. 

What documents/services are included in this fee?

  • Unlimited official transcripts*
  • Unlimited degree verifications
  • Unlimited enrollment verifications
  • Unlimited voter ID verification letters
  • Unlimited university-related and third party document certification
  • Unlimited university-related notary services
  • Original diploma
  • Data infrastructure development and maintenance

 *The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to refuse large volume transcript orders if there is no valid reason for the large quantity (ex. five transcripts sent to directly to the student). 

What documents/services are excluded?

  • Official transcripts and diplomas if a student has a hold
  • Expedited delivery (ex. overnight delivery, etc.)
  • Duplicate diplomas
  • Non-student initiated degree and enrollment verifications (ex. employer initiated)

How do I pay this fee?

The fee will be assessed on your tuition bill. You will pay the fee when you pay your tuition bill. 

Is this a new fee?

No. The Office of the Registrar has historically charged a fee, but it was captured under a different funding model. Prior to Fall 2015, students and alumni were charged a per transcript fee. 

I’m exempt from the fee. Will I still have access to the same documents as those students who paid the fee?

Yes. All students regardless of exemption status will have access to the same documents. 

I was an enrolled student at UW-Madison before the Fall 2015 term. Will I get assessed this fee?

No. Only students who enroll for the first time starting on or after the Fall 2015 term will be assessed this fee. If you were enrolled prior to Fall 2015, you are exempt from this fee. 

I graduated from UW-Madison, but now I’m starting a new program at UW-Madison (ex. undergraduate student now attending graduate school). Will I have to pay this fee again?

No. This is a one-time fee regardless of how many careers you pursue at UW-Madison. 

Can I appeal this fee?

No. All students whose first term of enrollment was on or after the Fall 2015 term are required to pay this fee. 


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