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Each academic department should have one person designated as the primary curricular representative with one or more back-up curricular representatives recommended. It is the responsibility of the primary curricular representative to collect updates to the upcoming schedule of classes and enter allowable updates directly in SIS.

The Curricular Services section of the Registrar's Office is responsible for publishing the schedule of classes. Curricular Services establishes the curricular production schedule and communicates the timelines and processing instructions to the primary curricular rep in each department.

New curricular representatives should:

Provide Curricular Services with your contact information.

Call the Curricular Services staff person responsible for your department. Go to Curricular Services Staff Contact List to determine the appropriate Curricular Services staff person. Give Curricular Services your information: name, address, email, phone, and department affiliation and the Curricular Services contacts data base will be updated so you get timely communications directly. If needed, Curricular Services will also make sure that you have materials previously sent out that are still applicable to a particular process in progress.

Get Update Access to SIS.

Go to the SIS website This will provide you with all the information and forms you will need to get authorized for SIS. You will need to request "SC_TTBL2" (the curricular update authorization role) in order to update your schedule of classes directly in SIS. Note that "SC_TTBL2" requires training before access is given. If curricular update training is not offered for a while, it is recommended that you also request "SC_ITTBL" so you can begin to acquaint yourself with the SIS pages. "SC_ITTBL" is the inquiry version of "SC_TTBL2" and does not require training.

Sign up for Curricular Update Training.

From the SIS website click on Learn. Enroll in the next scheduled "Building Your Schedule of Classes" course. If training is not offered for a while, it is also recommended that you request "SC_ITTBL", the inquiry version of "SC_TTBL2" which does not require training. Typically curricular update training is given in February, May, July, and November each year to coincide with the curricular build cycles.

From the Learn, Support Materials link, you can also read or print a copy of the Building Your Schedule of Classes Manual, link to information about the Query Library, and more.

Acquaint yourself with this Curricular Toolkit website.

This website has curricular build update materials previously sent to tt reps from Curricular Services, Planning Schedules, key deadline dates, policies, procedures, resources, a compilation of examples, and much, much more...

Overview of the curricular build process

The curricular build process for departments involves planning course information, entering the appropriate data into the SIS computer database, then reviewing and auditing the data.

There are two phases of production (PDF): Initial Call and Final Call. These phases are initiated by Curricular Services.

The Planning section of the Curricular Toolkit focuses on how to plan for the curricular build process.

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