How to do it: step-by-step tutorials

Many of these step-by-step tutorials are in Flash format, which may not play on some browsers and devices, including many mobile phones.


Course Search & Enroll app

The Enrollment Help Desk (error messages explained and lots of tips)

Quick overview of Course Search & Enroll

Search for classes

Add & enroll in classes

Drop a class

Swap classes

Wait lists

Save course for later enrollment

Scheduler (weekly calendar layouts of classes in your cart)

Course Enrollment using Student Center / Class Search

Add a Class

Class Schedule Planner

Class Search

Course Change Request (Flash)

Drop a Class (Flash)

Edit a class

Swap a Class

Session Dates and Deadlines (Flash)

Textbooks (Flash)

Wait List (Flash)

Wish List



Grades (Flash)

Schedule of Classes

Class Search

Textbooks (Flash)


For help reading and interpreting a DARS report as it pertains to a specific degree, major or certificate and coursework, please contact your academic advisor.

For basic information about requesting and reading a DARS report, please view the KnowledgeBase support documentation:

DARS/Students – Start the DARS audit request process

DARS/Students – Request a DARS audit for a declared major

DARS/Students – Request a DARS audit for a declared major, including planned courses

DARS/Students – Request a What If DARS audit for majors/certificates not declared

DARS/Students – Read a DARS audit report

Transcripts & Certification

Enrollment Verification (Flash)

Request My Student Record (Flash)

Transcripts (Flash)

PIN (Flash)