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How to: wait lists (Course Search & Enroll)

Seats and the sections panel of a class

After you have searched for the class in Course Search & Enroll, open the sections panel.
check_circle Open: real-time count of seats still available.
warning Wait list: class full, but has a wait list.
report Closed: class full.

Search and view only open and/or wait list seats. — You can change which sections will show by changing Section filters: in the sections panel. The main search panel also has filters for showing available seats.

Open the section detail

Select the tiny expand_more arrow on the right side of the section’s row.

Sections with open seats will show how many remain: check_circle 2 open seats

Two checkboxes

Select checkboxes for both the section that you want and also check_box Waitlist me if course is full when I enroll.

  • You can use the Waitlist me if course is full when I enroll checkbox on sections with open seats, too. If that open section has only a few seats remaining, and it is a busy enrollment time, you will be added to that section’s wait list (if it has one) if the course is full by the time you actually enroll.


The enrollment system will confirm that you are eligible for this class. Resolve any validation messages or errors, select the class and enroll: How to: add & enroll in classes

  • Although you have followed the “enroll” process, you are not yet enrolled in the class—only added to a wait list. Read below for how to enroll in your wait-listed class.

assignment Your list of wait lists

Confirm that this class is now showing in the “Wait list” list in the My Courses tab.

Students aren’t able to find out “where they are” on a wait list or how long it might take to be notified of an open spot. These things vary from class to class. Check with your advisor about other classes to consider, or how to manage your enrollment, if you want a plan in case you aren’t able to ultimately enroll in this class.

How many wait lists can you be on?

Undergraduate students can be on up to 18 credits of wait-listed classes in the Fall and Spring terms, and up to 12 credits of wait-listed classes in Summer term. Enrolled credits do not count against the maximum number of wait-listed credits.

Graduate students (not yet dissertating) can be on up to 15 credits of wait-listed classes in the Fall and Spring terms, and up to 12 credits of wait-listed classes in Summer term. Enrolled credits do not count against the maximum number of wait-listed credits.

Other types of students also follow the maximum number of enrolled credits allowed for their program.

Enroll (for real) in your wait-listed class

When a seat opens for you, the department offering the class will send an email to your account inviting you to enroll. (Respond to the person who sent the email if you have questions or problems enrolling from the wait list.)

The department has set up a special permission that will allow you to enroll in the class. Your permission in the enrollment system expires after the deadline given in the email. This allows the department to offer the class to another student on the wait list, if you choose not to enroll.

  1. Before the deadline time noted in the email (usually two full days after your notification email was sent), go to your assignment Wait list list in the My Courses tab.
  2. Select the checkbox for the class.
  3. Select the “Enroll” button.
  4. Review your check Enrolled list on the “My Courses” tab to confirm that you have successfully enrolled in the correct section.

On the wait list for a class you no longer wish to take? Remove the class from your assignment Wait list list. This helps other students on the wait list get into the class faster.