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How to: drop a class (Course Search & Enroll)

Drop deadlines

Most classes have two significant drop deadlines. When you drop a class causes different impacts on your student record.

Find the right dates for your enrolled classes on the home page of your Student Center. In the grid showing your enrolled classes, select the “dates and deadlines” icon — icon image — which opens a page showing the add, drop, and tuition adjustment dates for that class. All deadlines are by 11:59 pm that day.

The session dates table shows drop deadlines for all sessions in a term.

Before the first deadline

“DR/W Transcript Notation Date.” — You are free to drop a class on your own up to the “DR/W Transcript Notation Date” listed for that class. Follow the Course Search & Enroll “quick steps” described above. Your transcript will not show any record for this class.

Between the first and second deadline

“Drop Class Deadline.” — Until this second deadline, you can still drop the class on your own. Your transcript will include a record for this class with a “DR” instead of a grade, simply noting that you took this course and dropped it. The “DR” does not affect your grade-point average or have negative implications.

After the second deadline

When the “Drop Class Deadline” has passed, a request to drop this class must be approved by your academic dean’s office.