How to: drop a class

Drop deadlinesSession Dates and Deadlines from sections view

Most classes have two significant drop deadlines. When you drop a class causes different impacts on your student record.

Find the right dates for your enrolled classes in the info section of your course section. In the information, select “Session Dates & Deadlines.” A pop-up will list all dates and deadlines for the course. All deadlines are by 11:59 pm that day.

The session dates table shows drop deadlines for all sessions in a term.

Before the Drop/Withdraw without Transcript Notation deadlineSession Dates and Deadlines pop-up

“DR/W Transcript Notation Date.” — You are free to drop a class on your own up to the “DR/W Transcript Notation Date” listed for that class. Follow the Course Search & Enroll “quick steps” described above. Your transcript will not show any record for this class.

Between the DR/W Transcript Notation and Drop Class deadline

“Drop Class Deadline.” — Until this Drop Class deadline, you can still drop the class on your own. Your transcript will include a record for this class with a “DR” instead of a grade, simply noting that you took this course and dropped it. The “DR” does not affect your grade-point average or have negative implications.

After the Drop Class deadline

When the “Drop Class Deadline” has passed, a request to drop this class must be approved by your academic dean’s office.