How To: Change Variable Credits for a Class

Changing credits before the deadline

  1. Go to MyUW.
  2. Go to “Course Search & Enroll”
  3. Go to “My Courses”
    CSE menu
  4. Click on the “Enrolled” tile to see a list of the courses in which you’re currently enrolled
  5. Click on a specific course and section and then “See Sections”
  6. If the course is a variable credit course you will be presented with an option to change the credits in the “Course options” area
    Screenshot of Course Options section
  7. Select “Finish editing” to submit that change to the enrollment system

Request a variable-credit change after the deadline

  1. Go to Student Center via MyUW.
  2. Go to “Manage Classes”
    Manage Classes tile
  3. Select “Course Change Request”
    Course Change request
  4. Select the term, then select the “Continue” button
    Course change select term
  5. Select the checkbox for the class you want to change
  6. Select the checkbox for “Change credits.”
  7. Select the new total number of credits earned for this class.
  8. Select the “Save” button at either the top or bottom of the class list to save your requested change. This holds your request in SIS and makes it available for the relevant UW administrators.
  9. Select the printer button next to the “Change credits” checkbox.
  10. A new browser tab/window will open, displaying the “Printable Course Change Form.”
  11. For a credit change, you will need the signature of the instructor listed on the printed form (UW directory).
  12. Take the signed form to the academic dean’s student services office listed at the top of the printed form (“Deliver Signed Form To:“).