How to: add & enroll in classes

add_circle Add by class number

If you have received a five-digit class number from an advisor or instructor, you can directly add that class to your cart.

  1. In the Search tab, select “Add by class number” in the search panel.
  2. In the pop-up box, type the five-digit class number.
  3. Select “Check credits.”
  4. Select “Add to Cart.”
  5. Complete enrollment as described above.

Error message

If you try adding by class number and get an error message on the bottom of your screen that reads That class number was not an enrollment class number. you either:

  1. mistyped the number (try again); or
  2. are using a class number that isn’t the enrollment class number for that set of sections.

A class that has a lecture, a discussion, and a lab will have a different class number for each of those sections (see Example #1 below).

One of those class numbers works with the “Add by class number” feature. The other numbers don’t.

Find enrollment class numbers in Course Search & Enrolllocation of class numbers in sections view

Find the five-digit class number for each section in a class’s Sections panel. Open the section detail and look for the class numbers (listed under “Section Numbers”).

If you want to jot down a class number for later reference, choose the last class number in the list.

Example #1. — Use LAB – 56221 as the enrollment class number for this set of PHYSICS 247 classes:

Section Numbers
LEC – 56217
DIS – 56218
LAB – 56221

Example #2. — Use LEC – 42033 as the enrollment class number for SOC 340, which has a lecture but not discussions or labs:

Section Numbers
LEC – 42033