Grades and GPA

Undergraduate grades and grade point average (GPA)

Semester grades are reported by letters only; plus and minus signs are not used.

The general quality of a student's work is expressed in terms of a grade point average (GPA). The GPA is based on the total number of credits taken in which grades of A through F are received. The highest possible GPA is 4.0, representing A grades in every course; the lowest possible is 0.0.

The following grades are included in computing the GPA:

Grade Grade Points Per Credit
A (Excellent) 4
AB (Intermediate grade) 3.5
B (Good) 3
BC (Intermediate grade) 2.5
C (Fair) 2
D (Poor) 1
F (Failure, see section below) 0


Excluded from the GPA calculation are:

S or U (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) in courses taken on the Pass/Fail basis.

Cr or N (Credit or No Credit) in courses offered on a Credit/No Credit basis

Def (Deferred), Ex (Excused), PE (Permanently Excused), formerly used only for required Physical Education. The Physical Education requirement was discontinued effective August 30, 1976.

DR (Dropped), indicates the course was dropped.

I (IN for Cr/N Courses) (Incomplete), a temporary grade used when work is not completed during a term.

EI (Extended Incomplete), a temporary grade for an extended time limit to remove an Incomplete.

PI (Permanent Incomplete), a permanent grade replacing an Incomplete incurred in a student's last semester in residence and not removed within five years.

NR (No Report), indicates that a grade was not submitted by the instructor. Has no net effect on GPA. Effective Summer 1999.

NW (No Work)..."should be used for students who enroll in a course and then never attend. 'No Work' in this context means that the instructor has no evidence that the student ever attended, in that no course work was ever submitted. Any student who does attend for part of the semester, and then stops participating should be given a grade of 'F' unless there are grounds for assignment of a grade of 'I'(Incomplete)." Fac. Doc. 1028; effective 9/94.

P (Progress), a temporary grade used for courses extending beyond one term. The final grade determines the grade for each term and replaces P grades for the course.

Q (Question on Credits or Honors), a temporary grade used during grade reporting to indicate a credit problem. Should only be used when the student is enrolled for the wrong number of credits or their honors indication is incorrect.  A Q grade may be represented on a grade report as "?". 

R (Registered), not used after the Summer 1974.

W (Withdrew), indicates the student withdrew from the University while enrolled in the course.

Audited courses, denoted as such by 'AU' in place of a number of credits, are graded either S (Satisfactory) or NR (No Report).


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