All Course List

This report lists all courses approved to be taught for a department. Contact Curricular Services to request a copy.

Crosslisted Course

A course that is offered in two or more departments; crosslisted courses share identical information (number, title, credits, meeting information, etc.) Crosslisting a course or ending a crosslist member(s) requires divisional committee approval

Curricular Representative

Curricular reps may do any or all of the following: collect information for the schedule of classes, decide course offerings (including times, etc.), update the SIS database, update and monitor enrollment information.


First-Year Interest Groups. For more information about these course sections, visit FIGS website

Final Call

Final Call is the second and final period of the curricular build process when curricular reps can access SIS for a term and update data.

GA Classroom

A General Assignment Classroom that Curricular Services controls and assigns.


Integrated Appointment Data System; Appointments must be entered in IADS before instructors will be available in SIS.

Initial Call

Initial Call is the first period of the timetable building process when timetable reps can access SIS for a term and update data. It is the last chance to make changes before Curricular Services assigns General Assignment Classrooms.


Curriculum management dashboard for departments and programs that teach courses. It will serve as the gateway for faculty, curricular representatives, and governance bodies to update, track, and approve functions related to courses and programs.

ACPRAC – Academic and Curricular Policy Repository Advisory Committee.

CIT – Core Implementation Team for the Lumen project.

MARC – Madison Academic Repository for Curriculum, a data source that is specifically tailored for UW–Madison’s curricular approval processes, and helps academic units manage their own processes efficiently. MARC communicates directly with SIS to ensure accurate and consistent data across campus.

Guide (previously introduced as CAT) – Formally known as the Undergraduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog, etc. The Guide is the master record of UW–Madison’s academic programs and courses. Through the Lumen dashboard, Guide editors across campus will publish approved curricula and program information online.

Course Proposals (previously introduced as CIM) – Will replace and enhance the current online course proposal system; will create a process for managing program reviews, and will build an online workflow for academic and curricular policy and program development.

Class Section Builder (previously introduced as CLSS) – Will simplify section scheduling practices.

Meets-with Course

A course that meets with another course, usually on an ad-hoc basis; meets-with courses do not necessarily have identical titles, credits, etc., but do share the same meeting time/place and instructor information.

Modular Course

A course that does not meet the standard 15 weeks of a fall or spring term.


Academic-planning dashboard for students, bringing together the spectrum of the tools that support students’ academic cycle and presents these services in one intuitive interface. It will be integrated with the MARC data source and with SIS and DARS.

PERC: Post-Enrollment Requisite Checking

PERC audits the completion of requisites, communicates unsuccessful completion, allows for departmental review, and allows departments to request that students registered for a course be dropped if they do not complete the course requisites.

Room Characteristics

GA classroom features, such as seminar seating, video projection, document camera, etc.

Session Code

Every section has a session code to indicate the weeks of the term that it meets.


The Student Information System formally known as ISIS. Learn more at the SIS website.


Teaching Assistant

University Curriculum Committee

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) approves new courses, course changes, and course deletions. Before submitting course proposals to the UCC, they must be approved first at the department, then at the school/college level.  Refer to UW-Madison Faculty Policies and Procedures, Chapter 6 for more information about the UCC.  Information about the course approval process is available at: