Excess Cumulative Credits

Tuition Surcharge for Wisconsin Resident Undergraduates With Excess Cumulative Credits Effective Fall 2004, Wisconsin resident undergraduates who have accumulated more than 165 completed credits will be assessed a 100% tuition surcharge on credits over 165, as required by the UW System Board of Regents.

The following criteria will be used in counting cumulative, completed credits:

  • Completed, graded credits from past terms.
  • Transfer credits from other UW institutions and from Wisconsin Technical College System institutions will be counted. Credits that will NOT be counted towards the 165-credit surcharge:
  • Transfer credits from private institutions and from institutions located outside the state of Wisconsin will not be counted.
  • Advanced placement credits and retroactive credits will not be counted.
  • Failed credits, dropped credits and remedial credits will not be counted.
  • Your credit load for the current term in progress will not be counted, because those credits are not yet completed credits.
  • If you have already been awarded a Bachelor's Degree from any accredited institution, you are exempt from the tuition surcharge. If you are a special student, you are also exempt from the tuition surcharge.

In the event you receive a fee assessment for this surcharge, you may appeal to the academic dean of your school/college. If the minimum credits required to complete your academic program exceeds 135 credits, the tuition surcharge will not be assessed until your cumulative credit total exceeds that minimum by more than 30 credits.


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