Essential Courses

This report is being provided to assist you in reviewing your spring 2015 schedule of classes to determine essential and social distance ready course offerings.

Download 1154 Essential and Social Distance Ready Course Offering Report (Version: 1/20/2015)

Important Notes on using this Excel report:

Viewing the reports:

Please note that this report has 19 columns. The furthest column to the right is the "Notes" column. You may need to adjust your display to see the entire width of the report on your computer. The report should display fully without need for adjustment for most users.

The report includes results for all academic subjects. Users can filter by school/college/subject by clicking on the column headers to display only the information that is relevant to their processing. For example, to view a department's listings by subject number, click on the "Subject" column.

Note that the report provides information about group instruction courses, and does not list independent study courses.

Printing the reports:

The report should default to "fit page width" when printing. Please make sure that all columns appear when you review your printed copies. A report that has been filtered to show specific schools/colleges/subjects will only print the filtered results.


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