UW-Madison provides all advisers with the most essential advising tool for academic advising - a degree audit. Degree audits are processed by the Degree Audit Reporting System or DARS - a dynamic, flexible, and powerful web-based software program.

DARS allows any student to audit their progress toward an undergraduate degree or certificate program. DARS also allows any advisor or other academic official to audit the academic progress of an individual student or a cohort of students (DARS batch).

The DARS audit serves as the 'document of record' (DOR) for the following schools and colleges at UW-Madison: Business, Education (some exceptions), Engineering, Letters and Science (some exceptions), and Nursing. The DOR is used to certify completion of degree requirements, and it is retained according to University record retention and archival policies.

DARS Logon:
Log on to DARS Web to request and review reports.

DARS Authorization Form:
To start using DARS, complete the authorization form and follow the instructions for submission.

DARS Help:
Need help using DARS? Here you will find guides for both individual and batch DARS.


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