Credit Hour Information

Check for appropriate number of instructional minutes per credit/type of instruction

The number of credits for which a course is offered must accurately reflect the number of scheduled contact hours for faculty student instruction and/or discussion. A research paper on its own will not normally be considered the equivalent of an hour of faculty student instruction.

General Guidelines: One credit is given for about: 15 hours of lecture during the semester, or 15 to 30 hours of discussion, or 30 to 45 hours of laboratory. Contact your academic deans’s office for guidelines specific to your school/college.

For example, a three credit course would meet for three lecture hours (or two sessions that total 150 minutes) per week for the semester. A three credit course could meet for two lecture hours per week and also meet each week for a two hour discussion section. (Taken from the ‘Documents related to course policies and procedures’ information related to Course Planning.)