Course Guide Project Information

Course Guide provides a broad spectrum of course information in a consistent format, from a single location.

The Course Guide Vision

  • Provide enriched course information
  • Ensure greater accessibility to tools already available
  • Provide a place for students to manage information they gather about courses
  • Create a conduit for communication among instructors, departments, advisors and students

Why a Course Guide?
Course Guide pulls together information from many sources to act as a searchable and browsable course catalog. This single source will enhance the information students and advisors use when planning and selecting courses for enrollment at UW-Madison. Building on a concept initiated by Biological Sciences faculty, it provides a robust resource for students in all disciplines.

Accessing Course Guide

  • For students, faculty and instructors, advisors and UW-Madison staff (i.e., those with a UW-Madison NetID), log into My-UW at and click the Student Services tab
  • Prospective students, parents, high school counselors or anyone without a UW-Madison NetID should access Course Guide at

Course Guide has the following features:

  • Official Course Information
  • Current and future term/semester information
  • Links to the Schedule of Classes and department websites
  • Instructor Provided Content
    • Instructors can update their Faculty Center with rich course information such as Instructor Course Description, Typical Topics/Schedule, Class Format, Learning Outcomes, URL Links to Additional Resources, and Keywords to assist in searching. The information provided is then displayed with their class in Course Guide.
  • Robust Search capabilities, including
    • Keyword search
    • Students can enhance their Course Guide searches by selecting both a term and the 'Include Instructor Provided Content' criteria, thus receiving more relevant courses.
    • Advanced search criteria, containing, but not limited to: title, term, school or college, subject, course number, level, gen ed, credit range, instructor last name, open sections only, start date, breadth, other designations (e.g., ethnic studies, honors, etc.)
  • Different ways to view information through Search
    • Course View (includes title, subject, course number, last taught)
    • Course-Expanded View (includes, but is not limited to: title, subject, course number, last taught, course description, pre requisites, credit range, course designations); section level information is available by clicking the appropriate link
  • Enhanced, at-a-glance section details, offering
    • Time/room/day/instructor
    • Revamped presentation of available class seats, course designations/notes, textbooks, and final exam information
    • New, easy-to-find instructor provided content
    • Improved course packaging presentation
  • Ability to create, manage and save customized lists of favorite courses (accessible from My UW only)
  • Option to create, manage and save customized plans for future use (accessible from My UW only)
  • Link to College Scheduler from Manage Plans to assist students with creating their class schedule each term. Course lists saved in Plans can be imported directly into the Schedule Planner.
Future Course Guide enhancements will include:
  • Campus map to help students identify where their classes are located
  • Instructor profile (may include, but is not limited to: syllabi, video clip, teaching style, instructor background, etc.)
  • Mobile access

When will Course Guide be finished?

Course Guide was initially launched in early June, 2009 and will become more robust as enhancements are added. We anticipate Course Guide will never be "finished" because it will continue to evolve as features are implemented through phased rollouts.

Who benefits by using Course Guide?

  • Advisors can use the tool to share information about courses and provide guidance to students on course selection.
  • Faculty and instructional staff can use Course Guide to provide detailed information about courses such as syllabi, textbooks, workload expectations, teaching styles and grading criteria. It offers instructors an opportunity to clarify expectations and generate increased interest in courses.
  • Students and prospective students have asked for an easy-to-access tool to enable them to make informed choices about courses, as well as a way to manage and schedule them.

Your Participation is Important

We are happy to share details and hear your ideas for Course Guide. Feel free to contact us at to ask questions or schedule time for a representative to come talk to you or your group about Course Guide.

Where can I learn more about the Course Guide project?

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