Course Enrollment

You are an enrolled student if you have successfully added a course. As an enrolled student, you are responsible for payment of all tuition and fees and for grades in these courses, unless you officially drop them or withdraw from UW-Madison by the appropriate deadlines. See the Tuition Information page for the adjustment/refunding schedule.

Web Enrollment Activities through the Student Center module in My UW

See automated demonstrations of Add a Class, Drop a Class, Swap a Class, Edit a Class

Change Sections - Swap A Class

Add and drop a course within the same enrollment transaction. Rules and deadlines for drop and add will apply. To change sections within a course, use web enrollment’s Swap a Class or consult with your instructor to make a section change on the class roster. Do NOT drop the course and re-add if the add class deadline has passed, unless the department has entered a class permission for you.

Add/Remove Honors

Use the web enrollment Edit a Class feature to update your honors selection for % designated courses. Do not drop and re-add.

Honors Options:
It is important to read the class footnotes and departmental notes to determine if an additional component/section or credit value is required when taking honors. Graduate, university special/guest and professional students may not enroll for honors credit.

H - “Honors Only” course open to students in a formal honors program. The enrollment system will automatically assign honors. Course numbers under 700 with the middle digit ‘8’ (e.g. English 282) are designated as honors (H) courses. You must be designated in the computer as an official honors program student to enroll for the middle digit ‘8’ courses, otherwise you will need departmental permission.

! – Courses are unrestricted honors courses open to all students. They are recommended for students planning or participating in an honors program. The enrollment system will automatically assign honors.

% - Honors available course. Students must contact the instructor regarding expectations for earning honors in the course. The enrollment system will prompt for a selection of honors. Changes in or out of % honors designation can be accomplished through web enrollment’s Edit a Class.

2017 deadlines for changing out of honors:

Spring 2017
Friday, April 14, 2017
Fall 2017
Friday, November 24, 2017

Credit Change

Use web enrollment’s Edit a Class to change the number of credits within the range indicated in Class Search for a variable credit course for which you are already enrolled. Verify your enrollment by viewing your Class Schedule. Total credits cannot exceed maximum Term Credit Limit.

Verify your Enrollment

It is your responsibility to make sure your enrollment is accurate. Verify your enrollment by viewing your class schedule within web enrollment.

Course Change Request – changes of existing enrollment

Course Change and Pass Fail Requests can be accessed through your Student Center in My UW by clicking on the 'Course Change Request' link on the Term Information tab within the Course Enrollment area.

Independent Study Course Enrollment

All individualized study courses (e.g. research or independent study) require instructor and department approvals before enrolling. Obtain permission from the instructor prior to enrollment. Enrollment class numbers change each term. Graduate students who are enrolled in independent study, research, or thesis type courses may need to be re-authorized to enroll for the same conference section in a future term.

Guest students

Guest students need permission prior to enrolling in a course. Audit credit is automatically assigned.



For specific course availability, eligibility, permission to enroll, and waiting lists, contact the academic department offering the course.

For general enrollment information and assistance with web enrollment contact the Office of the Registrar, (608) 262-3811, Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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