Course Change Request

Course Change Requests can be accessed through your Student Center in My UW under: Course Enrollment/Term information/Course Change Request. Select Term, Continue and click the check box for the class you want to change.

Online Course Change Requests are used for changes that always require approval or to request a change to a course after the deadline has passed. These changes may include: 

  • Add a Class
  • Add/Remove Audit
  • Add/Remove Honors
  • Add/Remove Pass Fail
  • Change Credit
  • Change Section
  • Change Optional Section

If you wish to drop a class after the drop deadline has passed, contact your current academic dean's office.

You must SAVE your request and PRINT the request. If you are saving more than one request, each request will need to be printed separately. Once appropriate signatures have been obtained, you will need to submit the printed 'Course Change Request' to your academic dean's office for final approval.

*Note: Withdrawals must be processed via Term Withdrawal in the Student Center

If you would like to submit your feedback about the online course change request form, send an email to


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