Canceling Your Enrollment - Withdrawals


Canceling your enrollment

A UW-Madison transcript record will not be created for canceled enrollment if you drop all of your classes before:

Fall 2017 Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Spring 2018
Monday, January 22, 2018


To “Cancel” enrollment for a modular class, you will need to drop the class before the Monday of the week the class begins.

 To "Cancel" enrollment for a summer class, you must drop the class before the Monday of the session the class begins. The session for each class is displayed in Class Search and in your class schedule in your Student Center of My UW.

Withdrawals from UW-Madison

You will need to submit an online withdrawal request if you are attempting to drop all of your classes ON or AFTER the first day of class. See Deadlines at a Glance- Spring or Fall - for the last date to withdraw without the notation appearing on your transcript.

To "Withdraw" from a term, go to your Student Center in My UW and access the Term Withdrawal tab under Course Enrollment.

For more information about the impact of withdrawing from a term, please visit the Term Withdrawal FAQ page.

1. All withdrawal requests submitted by a student will go through the student's academic dean's office for review before being processed by the Office of the Registrar.

2. Students will be considered as enrolled in UW-Madison if they have courses on their record on or after the first day of classes regardless of whether or not tuition and fees have been paid or classes have been attended. For summer and Modular classes, students will be considered enrolled if they have courses on the first day of the session of the course. Failure to withdraw properly and promptly can be expensive.

3. Students should exercise care in establishing their official date of withdrawal because the Office of the Registrar will determine the amount of fees assessed or refund due according to the official date stated on the withdrawal request and the adjustment/refund schedule on the website. The official date of withdrawal will be established in one of the following ways:
a. The day the student informs their academic dean’s office.
The official date of withdrawal should be established by the dean’s office at the time the
                withdrawal first requested even though an interview may be required before final approval is
b. The day the student submits an online withdrawal request through Student Center in My UW.

4. Students who have completed one modular course or more must not withdraw from the university but should drop their remaining courses. The completed course(s) will remain on their transcript.

5. Students who have been issued valid UW-Madison photo ID cards may be required to submit them for inspection and collection upon their withdrawal. All UW-Madison photo ID cards remain the property of UW-Madison. Photo ID cards become invalid upon withdrawal from the university.

6. See Deadlines at a Glance- Spring or Fall - for the last day to withdraw without academic penalty

a. After this Withdrawal deadline date, students no longer attending enrolled classes without officially withdrawing through their academic dean's office may have grades of F recorded. Students who have arranged for, and are eligible to receive, Incompletes for the term’s work should not withdraw but should consult their academic dean.


7. Cautionary note to all students:

Be aware that withdrawal from school may affect the amount of a student’s financial aid received for that term. Please refer to the Office of Student Financial Aid for further information.



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