Alumni Information

If you are a UW-Madison alum, we encourage you to contact the Wisconsin Alumni Association with updated information regarding your change of address. Without a current address, you will miss mailings designed to keep you informed about events at the University.

Go to Transcripts to obtain copies of your transcript or check status of transcript request.

Go to the Student Clearinghouse website to verify a degree or dates of attendance, or call (608) 262-3811.

Demographic Changes:

Wisconsin Alumni Association

For alums:

  1. Go to and sign up free as an alumnus to gain access to the directory in order to submit changes to your record.
  2. Or call 262-9648 or (888) WIS-ALUM (947-2586) in order to give your new information.
  3. Or email changes to
UW Foundation

For UW departmental personnel:

  1. Send hard copy updates via campus mail to: Records Management Dept. at UW Foundation.
  2. Send email or electronic updates

UW Foundation
1848 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53726
(608) 263-4545